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The Changing Face of Fan Experience in Sports

2017-09-06T10:14:16-05:00 By |

New technology is being introduced daily to address the growing attention deficit in society. Everybody is connected, anxious for information, poised to give their status/update, and worried about what’s going on in their network – so much so that we had to coin the acronym FoMO to paraphrase the latest generation’s “fear of missing out.” Unfortunately, if you’re an old school venue, the evolving fan base is just not as comfortable in your ballpark, stadium, or arena.

Neuromarketing – Urging the Lizard Out of Hiding

2017-06-23T12:59:04-05:00 By |

The lizard just wants to eat. Now. Sometimes he wants to escape danger. Immediately. Now and then he wants to get out of the sun. To a familiar spot. Consumers mimic this behavior when the decision-making center of the brain gets overwhelmed and the science of neuromarketing steps in. Consider Lizard Marketing and using the power of digital signage and imagery to help you! If you don’t, the brainiacs will walk right by and then go taste the competitor’s lizard bait later.

Drive-Thru Digital Signage ROI

2017-06-19T16:44:27-05:00 By |

I posted about an experience at the drive-thru lane at a local QSR recently, and continue to be mystified about the reluctance to address the ROI opportunities available for restaurants that have such a significant percentage of their customers who never darken the door of their restaurants. It makes perfect sense to me that you would address the busiest portal to your restaurant first … and certainly with the commensurate investment that you would make on the interior of the restaurant. With so many QSRs outfitting the interior of their restaurants with digital, updated fixtures, colorful graphics, and efficiency oriented improvements, why wouldn’t you do the same for the window that does the bulk of your business?

What All GREAT Digital Signage Installations Have in Common?

2017-04-21T11:21:51-05:00 By |

There’s something innate in all human perception that allows us to generally distinguish between something that looks “just OK” and something that is attractive, beautiful, or engaging. All of us have that gene which allows us to identify a great car, an incredible house, a pleasing website, or even a stellar meal – before we even sample it. Often we can’t clearly describe what it is that made those things stand out, but we know it when we see it. It doesn’t take a digital expert to identify pleasing aesthetics, performance, and engagement with a well-done array of digital displays. Once again, we know it when we see it, but find it hard to describe what is so pleasing about the imagery in front of us.

Digital Signage & POS – A Strategy For Quick ROI

2017-02-24T14:15:44-05:00 By |

Restaurants, venues, and retail establishments are rapidly adopting Digital Signage for the operational efficiency and mild revenue lift that even the most basic setup can provide. Some establishments adopt the signage because it just makes more sense and makes them feel more relevant with their emerging Millennial customer base. They’ve seen the case studies by industry pundits boasting of a 3 – 5% “lift” when combining operational efficiency and increased ticket size, even when done in an almost static format. Digital Signage ROI has clearly reached the tipping point.

Convention Centers – Staying Atop the Rankings

2017-02-15T12:27:23-05:00 By |

All of us have participated in that long week designed to inform and educate us on what is going on in our specific industry or areas of expertise. We set up our flights, book the rooms, pack our bags, and hunker down for a week of learning and/or advanced exposure. Many times our trek leads us to spend hours in a convention center designed to facilitate learning and community with folks interested in the things we have interest in. I’d guess that, like me, your experiences at convention centers range from “okay to pretty good.” So what makes a convention center experience pretty good, or better?

Stadium Digital Signage – An Engaging Experience

2017-01-18T15:17:53-05:00 By |

Football is often said to be the most popular sports season – whether you refer to the brand played in North America or the round ball style enjoyed in the rest of the world. There is a fascination with either kind of team sport. Multiple players working in unison to achieve one desired outcome … a score, a goal, a stop, a takeaway. That mental image got me to thinking about the parallels between what you see on the field and what a fan experiences in the stadium, as it relates to stadium and arena fan engagement.

Digital Signage and Digital Menu Boards – 2016, A Year That Was

2016-12-17T07:19:54-05:00 By |

I would venture a guess that many technology companies view their fiscal years in some denomination of multiple years. Kind of like a dog year. Things just advance at a more rapid pace than humans age when it comes to technology. 2016 demonstrated that this was indeed the case for the Digital Signage and Digital Menu Board technology space.

Cubs Win! The End of a Curse.

2016-11-07T23:08:25-05:00 By |

Most of America was captivated by the story of 2 perennial underdog teams competing for a chance to end their insufferable streaks between world championships. I admit that I was a sucker for the most long-suffering, so I pulled for the Cubs to end their whining about what Steve Bartman did to them back in 2003. And the Billy Goat back in 1945. Come on guys … it’s baseball and, in my mind, those stories need to be put to rest in my mind. Couple that with the youth of this Cubs team, a GM who thinks like Rain Man, and a manager who looks cool in dorky glasses, and you had me at “hello”.

Drive-Thru Signage Done Not-So-Right

2016-12-17T07:19:54-05:00 By |

Who among us has not had that late night hankering for some fast food? Recently I was picking up some West Coast visitors from the airport and decided to treat them to a local Southern treat before we called it a night. I was amazed at the number of people who had a similar idea, so at midnight, I settled into 10th place in the drive-thru line at a purportedly tasty chicken QSR to grab a snack for all of us. I’m the patient type, and I had good company, so I waited the 30 minutes that it took to get the turn to place my order. I just didn’t realize what was in store for me.