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6 Steps to Transform the Traditional Fan Experience

2017-07-31T17:02:34-05:00 By |

The opportunity with the evolution of optimized Digital Menu Boards and integration between Digital Signage and POS systems will transform the traditional fan experience in stadiums & arenas while increasing ROI and overall revenue. Stepping into the future, the sports and entertainment industry will only grow by capitalizing on these modern technologies.

Is Your Restaurant Leaving Big Data on the Table?

2017-06-30T15:54:53-05:00 By |

The restaurant industry is evolving with the tides of technological advancement, so it comes as no surprise that tools like Big Data are being thrown into the mix for small and large businesses, alike. In a data-driven world, this transition can be expected, but what is Big Data? And more importantly, what does it mean for Fast Casual and Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)?

Using Digital Signage To Create An Unparalleled Customer Service Experience

2017-05-21T20:15:36-05:00 By |

As the borders between online and offline worlds start to blur, retailers are discovering the importance of delivering an omnichannel shopping experience for consumers. Digital signage is growing in importance as it seamlessly connects the two worlds. Here are a few keys to unlock the potential of this modern merchandising tool.

Your Business Needs Digital Signage Today!

2017-04-05T15:59:40-05:00 By |

The print advertisements that once lined the walls of businesses, restaurants, and hotels are slowly slipping into the past and being replaced by a modern successor — digital signage. Although most attribute these changes to a modernizing society, there’s a little more to it than meets the eye. When I use the term “Digital Signage,” I am referring to the entire universe of DS products which include – Intelligent Digital Menu Boards, Interactive Way Finders, Video Walls, Digital Box Office displays, Digital Merchandizers and Posters et al.

Gen Z, Retailers, and Digital Signage – A Trifecta Made in Heaven

2017-03-20T09:45:11-05:00 By |

After endless conversations about the importance of work/life balance, viral Facebook videos featuring the cutest dogs on the block, and complaints about the woes of buying a car, it seems Millennials are losing their place in the spotlight. With a global population of two billion, Gen Z is taking the world by storm and quickly stealing center stage in the eyes of the retail community. Born after 1998, this group already comprises one fourth of the US population and wields a $44 billion purchasing power in the United States alone. This figure is staggering when you consider that most of them are still in elementary school.

Digital Signage At The Mall – What I Saw

2017-01-31T21:02:11-05:00 By |

I've tried to stay away from going to shopping malls during the holidays and weekends for obvious reasons. Last week, I finally gathered the courage to stop doing my "Amazon Prime" routine and go to the mall. Not with the intention of buying, but in my new role as the marketing manager, I wanted to experience Digital Signage and Digital Menu Boards from a different point of view. My goals - watch, observe, and learn.