Digital, Data, and the Age of the Omni Channel

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Channel blurring is the catalyst for what we now call "the Omni Channel," or simply a one stop shop whenever and however you want to shop. As retailers adjust course to account for alternative shopping experiences, technology continues to extend the shopping experience, all for the sake of consumer convenience and efficiency.

5 Golden Rules of a Digital Signage Installation

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With the advent of technological advance in the world of marketing and business, it comes as no surprise that digital signage is the modern go-to for boosting sales, creating a seamless customer service experience, directing traffic, and converting useful data into advertisements that reach the consumer.

5 Crucial Considerations When Deploying Digital Signage

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Although simple to implement in today’s technological world, digital signage won’t be effective without some serious TLC. When taking the next step into the digital age of marketing, your organization will need coherent and consistent direction on a few essential topics. Here are a few key factors to consider when deploying digital signage for your business.

The Changing Face of Fan Experience in Sports

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New technology is being introduced daily to address the growing attention deficit in society. Everybody is connected, anxious for information, poised to give their status/update, and worried about what’s going on in their network – so much so that we had to coin the acronym FoMO to paraphrase the latest generation’s “fear of missing out.” Unfortunately, if you’re an old school venue, the evolving fan base is just not as comfortable in your ballpark, stadium, or arena.

Mobile Order Ahead and Digital Signage: Friend or Foe?

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Mobile order ahead is becoming “table stakes” in the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry and for a good reason. Brands are investing in technology to enable mobile order ahead because customers that use the technology spend more – anywhere between 18 and 30% more per ticket. Further, customers who download the QSR app increase frequency of visit by 6%. The mobile order ahead market is expected to grow at a Cumulative Aggregate Growth Rate (CAGR) of 57%, and to become a $38 Billion industry by 2020 and representing 10.7% of all QSR sales.

The Obsolete Truth About Grocery Shopping

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Retailers need partners that help communicate their brand and promotional messages before consumers get to the stores and once they are in the stores. Understanding the physical and digital pathways are critical to influencing purchase intent. Messaging should provide all the right points of interruption creating an overall look of success from the customer/partner’s perspective.

6 Steps to Transform the Traditional Fan Experience

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The opportunity with the evolution of optimized Digital Menu Boards and integration between Digital Signage and POS systems will transform the traditional fan experience in stadiums & arenas while increasing ROI and overall revenue. Stepping into the future, the sports and entertainment industry will only grow by capitalizing on these modern technologies.

Is Your Stadium Connected to the Future?

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As the only peer-led industry conference in the world, the Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT) recently hosted a conference in Atlanta to build bridges between professionals and executives in both industries. After attending two sessions about the changing tides of sports entertainment in the context of the digital era, I gathered a few key insights.