A Burrito and a Big Problem

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While everyone likes to blame the Millennial generation for problems that industries are facing, they fail see that most of these industries are simply stuck with marketing-myopia. Millennials are the group currently between the ages of 20-35, and while on the younger side, we spend 44% of our food consumption dollars – or $2,921 annually – on eating out. Although we may lack the discretionary income of fine-dining-inclined Boomers, we are dining out more frequently, making our wants and needs increasingly relevant to restaurants that want to capture a share our equally-valuable Millennial dollar.

Is Your Restaurant Leaving Big Data on the Table?

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The restaurant industry is evolving with the tides of technological advancement, so it comes as no surprise that tools like Big Data are being thrown into the mix for small and large businesses, alike. In a data-driven world, this transition can be expected, but what is Big Data? And more importantly, what does it mean for Fast Casual and Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)?

Neuromarketing – Urging the Lizard Out of Hiding

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The lizard just wants to eat. Now. Sometimes he wants to escape danger. Immediately. Now and then he wants to get out of the sun. To a familiar spot. Consumers mimic this behavior when the decision-making center of the brain gets overwhelmed and the science of neuromarketing steps in. Consider Lizard Marketing and using the power of digital signage and imagery to help you! If you don’t, the brainiacs will walk right by and then go taste the competitor’s lizard bait later.

The Latest Digital Signage Technology Trends at InfoComm 2017

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The digital technology industry has a lot going on, and as a staff Marketing professional, I often don’t get to see it first-hand. This past week I had the chance to attend InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, and thought I would share the experience through the eyes of a first-timer. It was a unique opportunity since I was able to help describe the combined efforts of Allure and Christie Digital, by working in the monstrous Christie exhibit located right in the center of the Exhibit Hall. Here are some of my observations and learnings that came from working at the Christie booth along with interacting on the trade show floor.

Drive-Thru Digital Signage ROI

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I posted about an experience at the drive-thru lane at a local QSR recently, and continue to be mystified about the reluctance to address the ROI opportunities available for restaurants that have such a significant percentage of their customers who never darken the door of their restaurants. It makes perfect sense to me that you would address the busiest portal to your restaurant first … and certainly with the commensurate investment that you would make on the interior of the restaurant. With so many QSRs outfitting the interior of their restaurants with digital, updated fixtures, colorful graphics, and efficiency oriented improvements, why wouldn’t you do the same for the window that does the bulk of your business?

Using Digital Signage To Create An Unparalleled Customer Service Experience

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As the borders between online and offline worlds start to blur, retailers are discovering the importance of delivering an omnichannel shopping experience for consumers. Digital signage is growing in importance as it seamlessly connects the two worlds. Here are a few keys to unlock the potential of this modern merchandising tool.

What All GREAT Digital Signage Installations Have in Common?

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There’s something innate in all human perception that allows us to generally distinguish between something that looks “just OK” and something that is attractive, beautiful, or engaging. All of us have that gene which allows us to identify a great car, an incredible house, a pleasing website, or even a stellar meal – before we even sample it. Often we can’t clearly describe what it is that made those things stand out, but we know it when we see it. It doesn’t take a digital expert to identify pleasing aesthetics, performance, and engagement with a well-done array of digital displays. Once again, we know it when we see it, but find it hard to describe what is so pleasing about the imagery in front of us.

Your Business Needs Digital Signage Today!

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The print advertisements that once lined the walls of businesses, restaurants, and hotels are slowly slipping into the past and being replaced by a modern successor — digital signage. Although most attribute these changes to a modernizing society, there’s a little more to it than meets the eye. When I use the term “Digital Signage,” I am referring to the entire universe of DS products which include – Intelligent Digital Menu Boards, Interactive Way Finders, Video Walls, Digital Box Office displays, Digital Merchandizers and Posters et al.

Gen Z, Retailers, and Digital Signage – A Trifecta Made in Heaven

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After endless conversations about the importance of work/life balance, viral Facebook videos featuring the cutest dogs on the block, and complaints about the woes of buying a car, it seems Millennials are losing their place in the spotlight. With a global population of two billion, Gen Z is taking the world by storm and quickly stealing center stage in the eyes of the retail community. Born after 1998, this group already comprises one fourth of the US population and wields a $44 billion purchasing power in the United States alone. This figure is staggering when you consider that most of them are still in elementary school.

Digital Signage & Analytics – A Winning Experience

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If you're a sports fan, NSF is a must attend event. To summarize, my NSF experience included three days that were filled with meeting key executives, attending panels, and listening to keynote speeches. One of my favorite sessions at the NSF was the - "Tech Tank.” Tech Tank is a showcase where innovative companies come together to present the latest and greatest to teams, sports companies, and agencies to a panel of judges. Tech Tank is divided into three sections: 1) Ticketing, 2) The Fan Experience, and 3) Corporate Partnership & Brand Activation. A winner is picked from each section by the judges.