Digital Signage & POS – A Strategy For Quick ROI

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Restaurants, venues, and retail establishments are rapidly adopting Digital Signage for the operational efficiency and mild revenue lift that even the most basic setup can provide. Some establishments adopt the signage because it just makes more sense and makes them feel more relevant with their emerging Millennial customer base. They’ve seen the case studies by industry pundits boasting of a 3 – 5% “lift” when combining operational efficiency and increased ticket size, even when done in an almost static format. Digital Signage ROI has clearly reached the tipping point.

Convention Centers – Staying Atop the Rankings

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All of us have participated in that long week designed to inform and educate us on what is going on in our specific industry or areas of expertise. We set up our flights, book the rooms, pack our bags, and hunker down for a week of learning and/or advanced exposure. Many times our trek leads us to spend hours in a convention center designed to facilitate learning and community with folks interested in the things we have interest in. I’d guess that, like me, your experiences at convention centers range from “okay to pretty good.” So what makes a convention center experience pretty good, or better?

Pardon This Interruption

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It’s a brisk, but muggy Sunday morning in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park. There is what feels like an emotional weight covering the city – noticeably heavier than the humid fog. It is a feeling of anticipation and nervousness that is a bit suffocating as I walk down the streets. Even though I am aware of my unsettled feeling, I sense a certain buzz as a street grows crowded. All of us on the sidewalks wrestle with the competing emotions as we make our way to the NFC Championship game between the hometown Atlanta Falcons and the Green Bay Packers. Sports … Atlanta … Playoffs – I’m guessing you understand my anxiety.

Digital Signage At The Mall – What I Saw

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I've tried to stay away from going to shopping malls during the holidays and weekends for obvious reasons. Last week, I finally gathered the courage to stop doing my "Amazon Prime" routine and go to the mall. Not with the intention of buying, but in my new role as the marketing manager, I wanted to experience Digital Signage and Digital Menu Boards from a different point of view. My goals - watch, observe, and learn.

Stadium Digital Signage – An Engaging Experience

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Football is often said to be the most popular sports season – whether you refer to the brand played in North America or the round ball style enjoyed in the rest of the world. There is a fascination with either kind of team sport. Multiple players working in unison to achieve one desired outcome … a score, a goal, a stop, a takeaway. That mental image got me to thinking about the parallels between what you see on the field and what a fan experiences in the stadium, as it relates to stadium and arena fan engagement.

Testing Digital Signage Strategies: Best Practices

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In this age of rapid decision-making in an uncontained environment, a variety of factors can have an influence. Gauging the degrees of outcome with certainty are tough as well as challenging. Today, we want evidence that a particular idea will work (or can work) before pushing that big GO button. One of the tools available to us in this complicated decision-making process is "Testing." Testing an idea or hypothesis lets businesses fail-fast, fail-cheap and succeed-BIG.

FDA Menu Labeling Enforcement. This Time It’s for Real…!?

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Anyone who’s followed the FDA Menu Labeling Regulations since 2014 is aware of the numerous complications and considerations involved in getting these new requirements into effect. After a couple of “false alarms” it might be easy to sit back and wait a little longer – personally, I think the third time’s the charm, so let’s look at the implications this will have on your operations, specifically your menu boards, with enforcement set to go into effect on May 5th, 2017.

Digital Signage and Digital Menu Boards – 2016, A Year That Was

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I would venture a guess that many technology companies view their fiscal years in some denomination of multiple years. Kind of like a dog year. Things just advance at a more rapid pace than humans age when it comes to technology. 2016 demonstrated that this was indeed the case for the Digital Signage and Digital Menu Board technology space.

Too Much Video or Not Too Much Video: That is The Question

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The past decade has seen a significant evolution in the fast-food/casual restaurants for digital signage displays and digital menu boards. We have accepted the foray of digital technologies into our daily lives, much quicker than we had ever imagined. In the QSR/Fast Casual domain, print menu boards were sufficient for quite a while and then there was a natural shift towards static digital displays. The digital displays were more eye-catching than their static counterparts and held a strong foothold in the market. But, the customers wanted more than just plain static displays.