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Intelligent Digital Signage

At Allure, we’re fascinated by the challenges and possibilities for equipping our clients with technology solutions that influence their consumers. Visual communications solutions that enhance, inform, influence and engage through Data-Driven Digital Signage installations that impact businesses, brands, environments and consumers with innovative technology. In other words, engagement technologies that empower something we call Intelligent Retail Experiences.

Allure visual communication and retail transaction solutions connect brands and products with consumers at points of influence and purchase in a variety of retail environments. Our intelligent solutions integrate analytics, exceptional creative, software, and hardware with business applications to deliver engaging data-driven experiences and achieve desired outcomes.

Digital Signage Insights and analytics help our clients better understand and fully realize the value of dynamic digital signage displays by gracefully merging the science of consumer insights and predictive analytics with the art of optimized content creation. Learn how you can benefit from our unique blend of data-driven strategy, optimized content presentation, and award-winning digital content design.

In the world of digital media, measurement is the key to understanding how to stay engaged with your customers. Knowing, and no longer guessing, how well you have engaged your customers, communicated the right message, displayed content optimally, driven the right brand experience, and influenced consumer decision-making, is central to maximizing return on your digital dollar…year after year.

Allure has pioneered the concept of Data-Driven Design – a process for ensuring that your digital menu, merchandising, or advertising content is doing the job: engaging viewers – influencing decision-making – driving behavior – enhancing brand experience maximizing ROI.  Our proven process for measuring the performance of your digital signage content and digital environments is the key to your communications staying fresh and keeping your ever-changing customer base engaged with your brand. Here’s how it works…

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digital signage strategy

Complete Content Development Services

Content Strategy

Digital Signage strategies can differ from business to business, but there are some key considerations that all successful deployment take into account. From understanding and planning the environment based on brand, operational and technology perspectives, to designing the ideal content that communicates exactly what you want, when you want, and how you want it in order to enhance guest experience and influence viewer decision-making, we listen, understand, and deliver effective and engaging visual communication.

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Content Optimization

Optimizing visual communications to reflect the brand, products or services being communicated in an engaging way while also influencing viewer purchasing behavior is what it’s all about. It’s a science and an art form, and we’ve been leading the way with Digital Signage content optimization for years, let us show you what you’ve been missing and how to increase revenue and positive consumer experiences.

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Creative Services

Digital Signage Content strategy and optimization are critical steps to achieving your business outcomes with digital signage, but without great creative and visual design, even the best strategies can fall flat. Our in-house, award-winning creative group is consistently recognized by our clients and awarded by the industry for beautiful, dynamic and engaging content that most importantly, delivers results. From increased sales to improved net revenue, we believe your digital signage needs beauty and brains.

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Allure DS Software Suite

A powerful platform featuring an intuitive Content Management System (CMS), wide-ranging functionality to drive the Media Player, and flexible design tools through our robust Template Builder. With the Allure CMS, users are empowered to:

  • Plan and present exciting and dynamic content that engages and informs viewers.
  • Optimize content presentations to improve guest experience and influence consumer decisions.
  • Schedule and distribute what is being displayed when, how it’s presented, and where.
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Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Displays - Video Walls

Video Wall Solutions

Create environments that are exciting, engaging, and immersive with video walls from Allure. Bring dynamic content to life with powerful and creative visuals and messaging that enhances your brand and the experience you seek to deliver. Allure video wall solutions include a number of easy-to-deploy standard configurations as well as envelope-pushing custom installations that will engage and amaze.

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Digital Menu Board Solutions (DMB)

Attract, inform, engage and influence guests with optimized digital menu board visuals and animation strategically designed to drive sales, improve guest through-put and feature your brand and menu items dynamically. Our consistently proven menu optimization process is not only unique, it has been part of major menu analytics testing programs that repeatedly validate attributable sales increases for various clients. Scalable, cloud-based, and driven by our powerful Clarity Content Management System (CMS), our standard DMB Packages are available in 1-5 screen arrays. We also specialize in customized DMBs.

Digital Signage Displays - Digital Menu Boards (DMBs)
Digital Signage Displays - Digital Merchandisers and Posters

Digital Merchandisers & Posters

Engaging guests as they enter your locations or move within them is made easier and more effective with Digital Merchandisers (DM) from Allure. Our exciting DM options include numerous sizes and formats, from large 55” touch-displays to eye-catching “Stretch Displays” that feature long and narrow visual presentations of information for unique spaces, low-hanging ceilings, mobile carts and kiosks and much more! New, innovative options include micro-sized displays for in-store merchandising at retail shelving and points of pick-up. Integrated with video analytics, beacons and other technologies, digital merchandising is revolutionizing brand-to-consumer experiences.

Digital Box Office

Display animated Movie Posters with show times and ratings dynamically and fully integrated with POS to change and update all the information being displayed easily and quickly from an online interface anywhere. The Allure DigiBoxTM solution can enhance revenues and drive operational efficiency while our Digital Movie Poster (DMP) solution captures guest attention, drives awareness and creates more engaging lobby experiences.

Digital Signage Displays - Digital Box Office (DBO)

Additional Digital Signage Products

Digital Signage Solutions for Restaurants - Transparent Digital Display Coolers

Transparent Digital Display Coolers

Digital Signage Solutions for Drive-Thru

Digital Order Confirmation Units


Digital Fountain Displays


Mobile Digital Signage Manager

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