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Analytics and optimization help our clients better understand and fully realize the value of Dynamic Digital Signage by gracefully merging the science of consumer insights and predictive analytics with the art of optimized content creation. Our clients experience our unique blend of data-driven strategy, optimized content presentation, and award-winning digital content design because in the world of digital media, measurement is uber-important.

Knowing (not guessing) if you’re engaging your customers, communicating the right message, displaying it optimally, driving the right brand experience and influencing consumer decision-making are all important parts of getting return on your digital dollar. Here’s how we get you there.

Allure has pioneered the concept of Data-Driven Design – a process for ensuring that your digital menu, merchandising, or advertising content is doing the job. Engaging viewers. Influencing decision-making. Driving behavior. Enhancing experience and Maximizing ROI.  Our proven process for measuring the performance of your digital signage content and digital environments is the key to staying fresh and keeping your ever-changing customer base engaged with your brand. Here’s how it works…

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The Power of Analytics

Analysis leads to insights, and insights make the road ahead more clear. Imagine knowing ahead of time, how well a new menu item, Limited Time Offer (LTO), or promotion is going to perform. With Data-Driven Design, you can use the power of analytics and your transaction data to begin to understand the road ahead. And you can leave it to our experienced team of advisors to show you how to get to the answers you need to be more effective with your digital signage, communication, and offers.

Leveraging data and insights to fully understand past and current performance is the key to identifying strategies to improved future performance. Allure can help with a specific project, as an ongoing analytics partner, or as an occasional advisor. We have the people and tools to get the design right and keep your team doing what they do best.

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