//The Latest Digital Signage Technology Trends at InfoComm 2017

The Latest Digital Signage Technology Trends at InfoComm 2017

The digital technology industry has a lot going on, and as a staff Marketing professional, I often don’t get to see it first-hand.  This past week I had the chance to attend InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, and thought I would share the experience through the eyes of a first-timer. It was a unique opportunity since I was able to help describe the combined efforts of Allure and Christie Digital, by working in the monstrous Christie exhibit located right in the center of the Exhibit Hall. Here are some of my observations and learnings that came from working at the Christie booth along with interacting on the trade show floor.

Spending time in the Christie booth allowed me to be mesmerized by the professionalism of Christie’s projection mapping. The 3-D imaging and arena floor projection were big hits with visitors to our exhibit, and really allowed those of us who typically only promote the technology, to see it first-hand … while seeing how the audience reacts to the advancements in technology. From self-adjusting projectors, to multi-projector presentations, to the integrated use of projectors, flat panels, menu boards, and micro tiles, I was left with the strong opinion that there is not an engagement that Allure and Christie wouldn’t excel at! The combined technologies for addressing engagement, merchandising, food sales, and information was unmatched at the show. The Christie/Allure booth was probably the most engaging exhibit at the show. I think you might forgive my bias if you were lucky enough to spend some time in the exhibit.

Each day I walked a part of the huge trade show floor, which was filled with new technologies, products, software and great learning experiences. I took note of the many new innovations and excitement from UHD video walls to vertical video walls – all filled with brilliant, eye catching content.  The transparent displays this year were one of the most impressive advancements. Whether used for retail advertising, theatre, stadiums and arenas – the possibilities seemed endless. There were many suppliers of LED tiles and touch displays this year, all giving each of us great ideas on how to engage our customers and visitors.

Despite the time and energy it took to walk from the two furthest ends of the exhibit hall, I was entertained by the unique varieties of Digital Signage Displays, Digital Display Technologies, Digital Out of Home, Digital Signage Technologies, Advanced Digital Signage, Digital Menu Boards and Data-Driven Digital Displays. Any medium you could imagine seemed to be represented. The only thing missing in some of the product solutions, seemed to be professional content development. Technology with great content is certainly the most compelling solution. Allure and Christie seem to be leading the pack in professional content development! I’ll certainly be marketing our creative services to many companies I met.

Overall the show was worth the time and miles walked.  My technology takeaways from this year’s show were advancements made in the in the outdoor LED and flat panel display technologies. Even the price seems to be falling to a place where we are all encouraged to pay attention.  Outdoor digital menu board solutions may indeed be getting the momentum they deserve, given the focus on outdoor displays at InfoComm 2017!

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